Smile Makeover


“Eileen was looking for a new dentist. During an appointment with our endodontist in West Chester she asked if he could recommend someone to her. The endodontist promptly stated that there was an outstanding, experienced dentist in West Grove. Eileen asked, ‘What is he doing in West Grove?’ (We tend to be nouveau elitists living in suburban West Grove.)

Eileen made her appointment with Dr. Dorgan for an initial evaluation. This was the first time she encountered a dentist whose treatment process was based on ensuring proper bite of the teeth. Wow! For an individual just out of her thirties – well maybe a couple of decades later – this was a dramatic change with a dramatic plan for treatment with a dramatic cost. Gene was invited to the follow up appointment to get a better understanding of the process to enable him to better understand the cost. Gene was so impressed with Dr. Dorgan’s professionalism – and the professionalism of his staff – that Gene signed up for similar treatment.

Gene’s treatment (which led to all new crowns except for veneers on the lower front teeth) was completed successfully in a long year. Gene’s bite problem – which he was not aware was causing on-going problems in his mouth – was resolved. In the ensuing years, Gene has had to have a couple of teeth extracted and implants added for teeth that were recognized to be vulnerable at the time of the original consultation Since then, with routine cleaning, Gene has had no additional corrective dental work. This was in-line with Dr. Dorgan’s prognostication.

Eileen’s corrective work required more time, but less than two years, and was equally successful.

Our treatment was very successful in reducing problems with our teeth. But the secondary benefit – and the more obvious – is the major cosmetic improvement in our appearance. We are pleased with our new appearance. We like to smile. We like to pose for photographs. We like to compare old photos with the new ones. We also receive compliments from friends. We have become aware of the difference in the quality of Dr. Dorgan’s work and that performed by other dentists on relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Dr. Dorgan’s work shows no indications that crowns have been installed, no tell-tale signs at the gum line, and no mismatches in coloring. Dr. Dorgan is a consummate professional, driven by a strong desire for quality.

The sad part is that our treatment has been so successful we hardly have the opportunity to see Dr. Dorgan anymore. We only see Denise at reception and Marcia or Lisa for routine cleaning. Dr. Dorgan, How are you? We miss you.”

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