Smile Makeover


“Growing up in a family of limited income with six children, our dental concerns were always dealt with on an as needed basis. We could not afford preventive care and typically by the time we went to the dentist, the damage was already done and teeth would get pulled. Many years after having such an extraction, my teeth had shifted and my upper center midline was out of balance. I met with Dr. Dorgan to discuss having veneers placed on my teeth and he suggested that the first thing I should do is consult with an orthodontist. There were many times of the course of the two-and-a-half years that my braces were on that I thought why did I do this? It was awkward at ‘my age’ to be in braces, and let’s be honest, they are extremely uncomfortable. Well the braces finally came off and then Dr. Dorgan began to work his magic. Dr. Dorgan used the skill of an artist to fashion my veneers so that the shape, size and color were perfect. Growing up, I grew tired of everyone asking me to ‘smile’. No one has to ask me that anymore. My smile is beautiful!”

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