Smile Makeover


“My family and I moved to Pennsylvania in August of 1999. One of the first things that we needed to find was a family physician and a dentist. Friends led us to Dr. James Knox, who is a family physician in Oxford. Dr. Knox has literally been a life-saver for my family as he correctly diagnosed a heart problem in me in 2006, and then was instrumental in helping me to get quality care of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia with Dr. Joseph Bavaria, who is one of the top cardiac surgeons in the world.

For our dental needs, one of our close friends, Judy Federoff of West Grove, recommended that we see Dr. Jay Dorgan. My family and I have been visiting his office ever since. I have had considerable restorative work done by Dr. Dorgan. This work was completed with great skill and professionalism, and I have been very pleased with the results. I used to dread visiting the dentist, but now, due to Dr. Dorgan’s expertise, I actually enjoy coming to see him. He definitely has given me a new reason to ‘smile’.

Another reason why my visits to Dr. Dorgan’s make me smile is due to the wonderful staff at his office. Denise, Lisa, and Marsha are top-notch. They have been so kind to my entire family. Their kindness is truly genuine. Denise brightens up everyone’s day with her energetic, positive attitude and vivacious smile. Lisa and Marsha are both so gentle and thorough. They are two of the best dental hygienists who have ever cared for our teeth. These ladies have become more than simply acquaintances to my family. They have become true friends. After Dr. Knox diagnosed my heart problem, and Dr. Bavaria successfully performed aortic aneurysm surgery, Denise took the initiative and time to call Dr. Knox to thank him for saving my life. This was truly a sign of sincere friendship and concern. This demonstrates the care and compassion that Dr. Dorgan’s nurses have for their patients.

I thank God for Dr. Dorgan and his wonderful staff. They are the main reason why I smile when I visit his office. I am so grateful for the good work that was done on my teeth. It has helped me to be more confident with my smile as I interact with people wherever I go.

So as you can see, a visit to Dr. Dorgan’s makes me smile in so many ways. If you have ‘lost’ your smile, go visit his practice. He and his wonderful nurses will help you ‘find’ it.”

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