Smile Makeover


“I have been a patient with Dr. Dorgan for the past ten years when his office was located in West Grove. At that time, I was referred to him through someone who said only good things about the Dr. and his staff. For most of my life, I had gone to the same dentist, always had cavities, always petrified of the sound of the drill, and dreaded any dental visits – including routine cleanings.

My first visit to Dr. Dorgan’s office was a little ‘odd’ I thought. I met with a member of his staff and I was asked questions; can you imagine that? Questions like ‘What do you like about your smile/teeth?’ ‘What do you dislike about your smile/teeth?’ ‘Is there anything you would like us to know?’ Of course, I had no problem answering the last question … ‘I don’t like the sound of the drill, it frightens me and I become very nervous.’ There was no laughter when I said that and that told me a lot about his staff and about him. From my first visit on that warm summer day until now, I am so happy I had chosen that gentleman to care for my smile!

Once I became comfortable with his mild-mannered style of dentistry, I began to inquire about some other procedures that I had questions about and were considering. There was always a thorough consultation before a decision was made and a post consult was the norm. So I decided, after a consult, that it was time to get rid of all the ‘silver’ in my mouth. Dr. Dorgan started the process and I cannot recall if it was a couple of chair visits. However, I do remember this … I watched a movie, maybe two, turned up the volume, and the rest was history. I never thought I could sit through a procedure like that, but it was a breeze – I had professionals on my side taking care of me! When I open my mouth wide (not that often), there is no silver!

From there, I graduated to teeth whitening using the trays. Again, my past experience with this was not at all pleasant. However, I was given a very low percentage and I didn’t feel the sudden ‘shocks’ of pain like I did in the past. I thought, ‘This guy and his ladies really know their stuff.’

So, I decided maybe it’s time for some cosmetic dentistry and I had heard that Dr. Dorgan was one of the best; at this point, that didn’t surprise me at all! So the decision was made that I would go with veneers (only a few) – Dr. Dorgan said that was all I needed – imagine that, he wasn’t pushing entire upper and lowers. Again, this was a few afternoon chair visits, and I must admit that I was apprehensive…all that drill sound sets me in a tizzy! I remember Dr. Dorgan and Chrissy, his clinical assistant were always concerned about my level of comfort and if I was okay during the procedure. Well, a few years later, my teeth continue to be absolutely beautiful. How do I know this? Here are just a few examples:

• I teach high school and my students and colleagues continue (to this day) to comment on how beautiful and white my teeth are. My response has always been the same ‘Dr. Dorgan and his staff.’

• I was sitting at a bar a few months ago with friends in Media and the bartender asked me ‘Where did you get that smile?’ Sorry, Dr. Dorgan, but I commented, ‘I was born with it.’

• I was playing golf with friends last fall and for some reason we started discussing dentists-rather strange on the golf course, don’t you think? I said that I go to one of the best in the area and my golf buddy said, ‘No, I think I do.’ We continued the conversation without naming our dentist, and I said that my dentist is always continuing with his education and keeping up with current methods in dentistry. It was her turn, ‘So does my dentist.’ Yes, that’s right; she and her family are also Dr. Dorgan’s patients.

In summary, I am so pleased that I have Marsha, Chrissy, Denise, Lisa, and Dr. Dorgan taking care of my smile! While I still become a little tense on my drive to 127 West Street Road; once I arrive, I can sincerely say that I have the best dental staff taking care of me and that puts me at ease.”

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